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Need to uniform your staff? Your Organization needs a fundraiser? Let Advanced Business Design help! We will design and produce your group a high quality screen-printed shirt or promotional item that will last for years of use. Let people wear or use your image and make them into your moving billboard. Thousands will see your image, over and over again. Need to raise some funds? Sell your custom designed shirts for events, games, parties you name it. Perfect for those fundraising needs.

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# Pieces 12-23 24-47 47-143 144-499 >500
1 Color          

2 Color

3 Color
Call For Quote: (505)256-1160
4 Color          
5 Color          
6 Color          
:: Setup          
# Pieces 12-23 24-47 47-143 144-499 >500
1 Color          

2 Color

3 Color
Call For Quote: (505)256-1160
4 Color          
5 Color          
6 Color          
:: Embroidery
# Pieces 12-47 48-143 144-575 576-1199
# Dozen 1-4 4-12 12-48 48-100

Upto 6 colors
and 3,000 Stitches

Per 1000 Additional
Call For Quote: (505)256-1160
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Advertising Specialty Products are the most effective form of in-your face advertisng. Your ad can be see by hundreds with the simple exchange of hand, it can be seen by its user hundreds of times. Take advantage of the opportunities.
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We would like to take the time to say, THANK YOU! Our company has expanded in many different areas over the past 4 years thanks to you, our clients and future clients. Our growth will continue support to the expanding needs of our clients. Our commitment is simple: Provide a Quality Product in a Timely Manner at Compettive Pricing. What ever your business needs we can rise to the occassion.

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Thank you again, we look forward to providing you support for years to come.

Thank you,
Ed Chavez
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